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Sutil lubes and the differences between them

A good lube is the start of good sex. Having a high-quality lube makes things more pleasant for everyone. Water-based lubes are the first choice for many because they’re easy to clean, have no residue, and are safe to use with toys and condoms. But a big problem that comes with lots of lubes on the market is the same: dryness. It’s not a good time if you have to reapply lube every few minutes. Dryness may also lead to…

Sutil – a well kept secret by the Canadians

In sex, there is a golden rule: the wetter, the better.  Quality-made lubricants make sex life so much better. If you would want to please yourself or dive into the pleasurable life of sex, there might be slight trouble: dryness. The end result would be dryness in the vaginal walls and the sensation of being uncomfortable. That is most likely something that you would not want to experience after intercourse. But the thing is that sex usually means friction, and…