Sex toys increase masculinity, for real!

A lot of men have the misconception that sex toys decrease the manliness or masculinity of a man. But is that really so?

The bigger part of the male population tunes their cars in order to make them more powerful. But would that also be an indication of decreased masculinity? Definitely not! Tuning the car has an opposite effect – the more powerful the car is, the more masculine the man is.

The same goes for sex toys. The main goal of sex toys is not only to please a person but to strengthen the intimate relationship between partners.

This article is introducing 3 main sex toys that can do that.


The first thing that a couple should get introduced to is the vibrator. It gives the man more opportunities to please the woman to which she would agree. If the man is not home, the woman can still use the vibrator and discover herself and not be at a loss of orgasms. It is a win-win situation for both parties!



The second sex toy is the penis ring. Its main goal is to increase the stamina of the man by decreasing the chances of climaxing fast and maintaining a strong erection. The vibration of the penis ring and other little trinkets added to it give pleasure to both parties by stimulating the clitoris, or the G-spot, depending on the type of penis ring.

The penis ring is especially useful for couples, where the female counterpart can take a bit longer to climax. But with the penis ring, it is possible to increase the intensity of ejaculation and offer extra stimulation to the woman. Again, this is a win-win situation for both parties.



Tenga Egg masturbator is a sex toy that can be used for men to enjoy alone, but it can also be used for an intensive foreplay action. The Tenga Eggs are made from really soft and elastic silicone, the inner side is embedded with different patterns. The Egg is placed on the tip of the penis and it would be moved up and down using a hand. The patterns inside the Egg would offer extra sensation to the man and it would be extremely sensational for a man to have it done by a woman.