YESforLOV Natural Unisex lubricant with organic aloe vera

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A unique and natural lubricant, and a heavenly product for all sexualities. (…because making love is essential)


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YESforLOV natural unisex lubricant is made of 98% natural-origin ingredients and 96% of organic origin (excluding water) according to the ISO 16128 standard. It contributes naturally to the pleasure and the intimate well-being.

Its formula, enriched with aloe vera and sage extract, plays an important role in lubrication and reduces the risk of discomfort. This organic lubricant harmonises with all sexualities with the greatest respect for the skin and delicate mucous membranes.

Compatible with sex toys and condoms.

100ml / 3,4fl.oz
Made in France


Natural unisex lubricant has been tested by gynaecologists. It has a physiological pH.
Suitable for all types of mucus membranes, even the most delicate areas.
Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.


In accordance with the clinical assessment by the IDEA laboratory on the YESforLOV natural unisex lubricant * :
– 100% of women agree or strongly agree that the product leaves a soft and lubricating protective film on the intimate area.
– 100% of women agree or strongly agree that the product brings comfort and well being in your sexual love life.
– 100% of women agree or strongly agree that the product moisturizes, nourishes and softens the intimate mucous membranes.
– 100% of women agree or strongly agree that the product has a slippery texture, 66% a really pleasant smell.
– 100% of women agree or strongly agree that the product is easy to use and does not irritate the intimate area.
– 100% of women would like to continue to use it and would purchase the product as a result of this test.

* Study of 24 female volunteers.


The most natural lubricant in the YESforLOV range of lubricants
By referring to ISO 16128, the natural unisex lubricant contains 98% natural-origin ingredients and 96% of organic origin (excluding water). Its formula is non-irritating, contains no perfume, no dyes, no silicone or mineral oil. Preservatives are used to inhibit the development of microorganisms (bacteria and vaginal mycosis). All are natural and validated by COSMOS and the organic labels.

A formula conceived as an intimate care
The beneficial action of sage combined with Aloe Vera actively helps to soften, to soothe intimate mucous membranes and to effectively combat dehydration, itching and discomfort.

For those are looking for a natural lubrication
The delicate formula of our organic intimate gel with aloe Vera base has been designed to be as close to the intimate secretions created by the vagina. With a natural and non-sticky texture, its unrivalled comfort improves the sexual pleasure and excitement while making easier intimate relationship. It’s easy to forget you’re using it.

Compatible with sex toys and condoms
Our lubricant is compatible with condoms and all sex toys and accessories.

A physiologically adapted pH
Our natural lubricant has been designed to adapt to the pH of your vaginal flora to prevent any disturbances that could cause bacterial infections or mycosis.

An eco-responsible and eco-friendly presentation
Consistent with the environmental causes, YESforLOV is committed in an ecological way with a bio sourced vegetable plastic tube, 100% recyclable and made from sugar cane (40% natural polythene). The outer packaging is made with Kraft paper coming from the PEFC environment chain and printed with vegetable inks.