YESforLOV Delicious Brush




YESforLOV revolutionizes the sexy massages through the new edible gourmet oils series. With the easy to use brush, apply just a few drops on the most sensitive parts of your partner’s body.

A taste as good as it’s touch, the Delicious Brush for the body contains a warming and kissable massage oil. For an ecstatic experience, apply this oil to any of your erogenous zones and have it licked off by your partner.

Respect for your skin

The Delicious Massage Brush has been dermatologically tested. It’s suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

A playful oil for your foreplay.

Would you like to play at making love? On the breasts, buttocks or on the top of the

thighs, apply this delectable, delicious oil to any of your erogenous zones and have it

licked off. Delicious, right?

A new sensual & sexy gesture

The YESforLOV DELICIOUS BRUSH FOR THE BODY is equipped with a brush

applicator including an on/off system for a pleasant and safe application.

A naughty game of fizzy sensations

The sachet contains crystals that pop in the mouth. Beneath its cute packaging, this

popping candy makes the perfect accompaniment to a delectable blowjob, or any

other naughty game.

Caring for your brush

Rinse the brush with water.


Glycerin, Aqua (water), Aroma, Sodium Saccharin

In package

Delicious Massage Brush, Sexy Candy Explosions popping candy.



Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Red Fruits, Apple – Raspberry