Replacement Valve Pack – Bathmate

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Replacement valve packs for the Hydro, Hydromax or Hydroxtreme Series.

Bathmate Penis Pumps are built to last, with powerful construction and a minimum of 2 years warranty on every pump. However, over time, any product can end up functioning less effectively, particularly when it comes to moving parts. One of the most frequently used parts of our penis pumps is the unique locking valve that water passes through when pumping, with this part wearing out over time in some rare instances.

We don’t want to make you buy a new hydropump if something breaks, so we offer Replacement Bathmate Valves for all of our three penis pumps. The Hydro range, our more powerful Bathmate Hydromax pumps and the advanced HydroXtreme models.

Whichever size of pump you’re using, these replacement valves will fit – make sure you pick the correct range below. We’ve designed our valves to be easy to replace, along with all of our other Bathmate Spare Parts.



Hydro Valve Pack, Hydromax Valve Pack, Hydroxtreme Valve Pack