Demoniq Lili


Do you want to spice up the evening entertainments and accessories?
Would you like to try something new?


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The Demoniq Lili set includes:
Flexible neck lace headband with fastening
2 elastic lace wristbands
Chain with three clasps

Lili set It is a perfect and spicy complement of evening outfit or lingerie set. Black lace adorn the neck and wrists, and a metal chain, which you can fasten it, it is an invitation to a more sophisticated and savory fun. Use your imagination and try something new. Three fastening chains allow them to fasten in different ways, so … what are you waiting for?

Set of 4 elements
Different options for fastening the chain
The set is easy to take on and take off

Colour: Black
 One Size
Ingredients: 87% polyamid, 13% elastane / chain: 2% silver, 3%copper, 95% steel