Demoniq Leila


Do you want to spice up the evening entertainments and accessories?
Would you like to try something new?


The Demoniq Leila set includes:
Elastic band on the neck sweatshirt with decorative, metal wheel and steel spike
2 elastic wristbands with decorative wheels
Chain with three clasps

Leila set is intended just for you. It is a perfect and spicy complement of evening outfit or lingerie set … but that’s not all … Neckband and wristbands are linked with chains, will take you to the world of “soft bondage” and will let you know what it feels like when you are in bondage or submissive. Black of bands perfectly complement the metallic elements in the form of a silver chain, silver decorative wheels and a metal spike, which is attached to a band around his neck.

Set of 4 items
Different options for fastening the chain
The set is easy to take on and take off

Colour: Black
 one size
Ingredients: 70% nylon, 30% elastane / chain: 2% silver, 3%copper, 95% steel

Leila set is from Demoniq Accessories Collection!