Fairy Wand 8000 RPM – personal massager


Powerful Fairy massager.


What is a wand vibrator?

A wand is a “personal massager”, which was initially meant for shoulder massage. It just happened to be a device, which could very well bring women to a strong clitoral orgasm. A wand hides in itself much stronger vibrations than most rechargeable vibrators, since it is directly connected to the power source.

Wands are a heaven-sent for women, who are looking for a MUCH more intense experience than a regular battery-powered or rechargeable vibrators.

The Fairy wired vibrator

The Fairy is a very powerful and seamlessly adjustable wand massager. This wand can exceed up to a speed of 8000 RPM. It has a flexible head so you can get all the right angles. With the adjustable speed scroller you can manipulate the wand from a low murmur to an intense world-rocking experience.

Fairy isn’t just suitable to bring yourself or your partner to a breathtaking orgasm, but it can also be used for an intensive massage for other body parts such as the neck, back, breasts and shoulders.

The massager is powered by a 2 meter long europlug power cord. Due to this direct connection you’re ensured of a very powerful endless vibration, like you won’t find with any other vibrator.

Product information:

Length: 310 mm
Diameter: 60 mm
Weight: 495 g
Wired: Yes
Color: Pink or Black
RPM: 8000 RPM
Flexible head: Yes
Head type: Smooth
Multi speed: Yes
Cord Length: 2 meters
Cord type: Europlug
Water proof: No


1. Clean the device before the first use and after each use
2. Make sure that the device is switched off and remove the plug from the socket
3. Use a toy cleaner (Kiotos Toy Cleaner) or a damp cloth
4. Do not use cleaners with alcohol, petrol or acetone


Switch off the device
Make sure the device is cleaned and stored dry
Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Warning: To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing condition, this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas or skin lacerations.

Do not submerge the product under water (the massager is not water proof).

Made in China.


1 pc


Silicone; ABS Plastic



Clitoral; Body; Nipple

For Whom

Woman Man; Woman Woman


Strong Vibration