YESforLOV Burning Desire

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Play with fire. Pour rich oil over the forbidden ramparts.
Take your body by siege. (You’ll both surrender.) A living flame. A fire to enchant and excite you.


Burning Desire

From pure smoothness to creaminess…the revelation of the generous oil of the YESforLOV candle and its titillating fragrance. From the captivating darkness to bare shadows…the revelation of this body, offered willingly to your hands. From the white page to the most smouldering propositions…the revelation of messages that appears by playing with fire.

  •  A massage candle specially designed to melt and make lovers melt when the hot, creamy and perfumed wax is spread over a languid body.
  • A sleeve of highly flammable and definitively YESforLOV matchsticks to light the wick.
  • Two bewitched cards with fiery and terribly naughty incantations that only declare themselves over the heat of a shared flame.



50g Massage candle
1 matchbook sleeve
2 invisible love cards