Best Week Ever Kit

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Toy set 7 pieces.


What is “Best Week Ever”?

“Best Week Ever” is a toy set for couples consisting of seven erotic surprise items which one step at a time throughout the whole week will give you pleasure that you will never forget. During the week you will experience the power of perfect lubrication, the magic of vibrating orgasms, the world of light domination, you will learn some tricks to stimulate the sense of touch, have a great deal of kinky experience and most of all you will be given many ideas for wonderful and unique bedroom fun!

How to play?

Each day for the whole week you open only one of the seven boxes. Each box hides a high quality sex toy. Your task is to use it for shared pleasure still on the same day! In addition, each product comes with a range of ideas on how to use is to play together. Some of them may be kinky, others are more sensual – everyone will find something to their liking.

The kit will open a world of new areas of pleasure allowing you to learn more about your own and your partner’s fantasies, dreams and cravings. You’re sure to have a full of experiences and an unforgettable best week of your lives!

Includes: vibrator, lubricant, geisha balls, blindfold, lingerie, rope and a vibrating cockring.