On the hunt for a perfect egg

Why choose an egg?

Unless you’ve already looked around on the internet, you might not be aware of the magical world of masturbation eggs. They’re small, easy to carry and often come with lube, making them the perfect travel companion. While they aren’t as reusable as other mastrubators (lasting only 5-7 times), they are still a popular choice as a gift, for traveling, or for people just wanting to test out something new. 

How do use it?

Eggs are one of the easiest sex toys to figure out! Simply open up the cup and take out your egg. Give it a rinse and drizzle the inside with lube (which has probably been provided already) and stretch the egg over your member. It’s like a handjob but has the added sensation of fun textures.

Use it by yourself, have your partner use it for a fun handjob, or – for all our female fans out there – simply turn the egg inside out and stretch it over your vibrator. The super stretchy material is perfect for all sorts of activities, so play with it as you please.

Different eggs and which one to choose

In our store, you’ll find masturbation eggs from two different companies – Tenga and Gvibe

Gvibe’s masturbation egg – the Gegg – comes in six fun colors and textures:

Tenga on the other hand has about 30 designs. Some different series include The Wonder series was released earlier this year, and has some awesome designs:

The New Standard which was also released earlier this year features some new designs and also remakes from their earlier series:

The Hard boiled series is perfect for people wanting some stronger sensations, as the eggs are firmer and have stronger designs:

Opposite of that, the Soft boiled series features softer eggs, making them a perfect choice for those new to eggs:

Aside from the full series, some other eggs include the Cool versions with cooling lubes, the Lovers heart egg as a popular choice for couples, and the Hard Boiled Pride egg:

Egg care

Make sure to wash your eggs both before and after use. If you want to prolong your eggs’ life, use a condom each time. And don’t forget to use lube as well! This way, your egg might be usable for up to 7 times before it stretches out. The capsule each egg comes in is a perfect storage case for your egg, helping to protect it from dust and other debris.

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