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Iroha by Tenga

Tenga has been dominating the male sex toy market for a long time, and for a good reason. Their products are made with love and quality to bring you the most pleasure. Nowadays, they offer a line of toys made with her in mind. Featuring high-quality and rich feeling toys, they’re perfect for a fun night alone or to be enjoyed with a partner. Offering many elegant designs, they’re sure to bring pleasure to the eye (and you!).

Iroha Temari – Beautiful design, powerful vibrations

The Temari can be described as a wand without the wand. Made of soft feeling silicone, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen on the market. The toy features a specially crafted housing that helps to reduce vibration transmission to the hand. No more sore arms or uncomfortable feelings after a night of pleasure. Temari is also waterproof up to 50cm, making it an excellent partner in the bath or shower.

Iroha Temari

Three beautiful design for you to choose from

Available in three chic patterns, you can’t help but feel drawn into its beauty. Anti-dust coating helps to keep your toy clean, and Magnetic USB charging makes sure it’s always ready for you. With the touch of a single button, you can comfortably cycle through four different speed levels and two vibration patterns, offering you exactly what you’re looking for.

Iroha Ukidama – Light the way to pleasure

Iroha Ukidama

Cozy light to help set the mood

Self-pleasure has never felt more personal. Ukidama is here to light the way for self-care and fulfill your most intimate wishes. Featuring a warm glow, it’s the perfect companion for some relaxing bath time either by yourself or with a partner. The soothing light floats with you in the bath and is always at hand’s reach. Find and tame the most intimate parts of you while enjoying the pleasures the Ukidama has to offer.

Light up the intimacy

Ukidama features three light levels and one light mode, hosting a romantic twinkle. Imitating warm candlelight, it bathes you with its radiant glow. It also offers three vibration levels and one relaxing rhythmic pattern for your pleasure. Magnetic USB charging keeps it always charged and ready for pleasure. Three elegant designs make it a delight to look at, both in and out of the bath. Experience the soothing comfort it has to offer you and your body.

Iroha ukidama

Three elegant designs with the included charging stand

Fulfill your deepest desires

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