How to enjoy a man for a longer period of time?

We all know that it takes a bit more time for a woman to achieve orgasms. If a man reaches the climax first, then by nature he would not have the strength to go for another round immediately. But how to enjoy sexual intercourse so that both parties get the most pleasure out of it?

There are different ways for tackling that issue.

Let’s start with the Mio penis ring.

It is very soft and flexible! The penis ring is one way to share stronger, longer, and intense orgasms with your partner. This powerful penis ring will hold the erection for a longer period of time and gives more intense vibrations to your partner during sexual intercourse.

The Je Joue Mio penis ring is equipped with a low-frequency motor that can be put to purr silently or roar loudly.


For those who don’t seem so interested in the penis ring, there are some lubricants that can be used as well. For example, the Viamax Maximum gel is a lubricant that extends pleasurable intercourse time. There are many different lubricants from the same company, so there are options available. It offers romantic intimacy and maximum pleasure.

You can also extend your “sexy time” by changing and using different poses during intercourse. When the man feels that he is about to climax, let him calm down a bit so that both of you would achieve the most pleasure with extended time.

“Pause and stretch”

This is a technique developed by Masters and Johnson. If a man feels like he is going to climax, he should stop having intercourse for a moment. Then the man or the woman (which would be way more exciting!) would squeeze the tip of the penis very lightly. After the penis has been lightly squeezed for 20 seconds, then you may continue with the intense and pleasurable intercourse. This technique is used to extend the period of the intercourse and avoids premature climaxing.

But all this can be prevented

One possible way to avoid premature climaxing is to regularly work out. Studies have shown that men, who work at least do two hours of high-intensity, or three and a half hours of medium-intensity, or six hours of low-intensity exercises during one week, have a much better sex life.

It is also recommended to do Kegel muscle exercise. For men, the Kegel muscle exercises can be done by stretching and perineum with squatting exercises.

One more thing

Quit smoking! Studies have shown that even men, who smoke maybe once a week, have a higher chance of having problems with erection.