How and where to have outdoors sex – best tips for amateurs

How and where to have outdoors sex - best tips for amateurs - Lust and Love

Spicing up your sex life can also happen outside of the bedroom. Other than switching rooms, an alternative option is going outside. And whilst that may sound crazy, it’s actually a bit more common than you think. Based on a study by SKYN condoms, about 51% of couples have had sex outdoors. Whether you’ve done it before or are only looking into it, here are some of our best tips to stay safe.

Don’t get caught in the act


Woman hiding behind curtain

For most couples, the passion towards having sex outside comes from the idea of being seen or getting caught. In reality, getting caught is one of the worst things to experience. Having to explain to strangers what you were doing can really ruin the mood. Plus, it’s also illegal, so getting caught could have serious consequences.

Choosing your spot


Couple Outdoors

As previously stated, attempt to pick a location where you won’t be caught. This may be in your yard, on your roof, or you could always go for a drive to get some fresh air. What could be more romantic than you, your lover, and a starry night sky? Not having to worry about being caught can make you and your partner feel more at ease. The beach, a garden, a campsite, or a forest are all popular outdoor choices.

Be prepared for the outdoors


Backpack Outdoors

Make a list of everything you’ll need before you start running to your car. Lube, condoms, baby wipes, and a comfortable blanket are all basic items to bring. Other items to consider are clean clothes or underwear, bug spray, sunscreen, and bandages in case something goes wrong. Remember that whatever you bring with you, you must take with you – don’t leave your used condoms under the tree for others to find.

Check the weather forecast

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Getting caught in the rain may not be something you want to do, or perhaps it is exactly what you have in mind for those hot summer evenings. No matter what your preference is, always check the local forecast before going out. Running back inside will not be a problem if you are close to your home, but if you’re organizing an entire trip, a short glance will help you better manage everything and make sure you have a great time.

Time to become friends with the outdoors

Couple in distance

There are bugs, spiders, and other creatures in nature, even if you don’t want to admit it. While a thick blanket can keep you from touching the ground, bugs will always find a way to crawl over. If you’re concerned, going to the beach might be a better alternative since there’s usually less activity there. Aside from insects, familiarize yourself with the local plants as well. This makes picking the perfect spot much easier.

Just go for it

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Having sex outdoors will probably not be perfect. And that’s okay too. It’s all about the experience of trying something new and having fun with your partner! Let go of perfection and let yourself enjoy the moment. We hope you found these tips helpful and put them to good use.