Hi, I’m Zeep!

Zeep is the newest member of the Cute Little Fuckers family. You might know them as Trinity, Starsi and Princette! Zeep is the shyest of the family and prefers hiding in its leaf. With powerful vibrations, a quiet motor, and a soft body, Zeep really can’t wait to be your friend. Its pinpointed leaf is perfect for some pinpointed action on any part of the body. Drag its leaf across your partner’s body to tease them, and make them beg for more. The smooth outside of its leaf offers plenty of options. Twist and turn the leaf for ultimate pleasure as you let Zeep explore your or your partner’s body. 

You may also notice the fun ridges across its tummy. Rub them against the body for interesting textures and tickles, before turning it around to let it explore you with its antennae. Zeep is so full of surprises, with every part of its little body creating new sensations. Its uniqueness makes it a perfect friend for every body, so don’t shy away from meeting your new best friend. 

Zeep is available in two fun colors, Emerald and Mint. If you’d like to learn more about it or meet the rest of the family, click Here! Cute Little Fuckers is an amazing brand that creates toys for every body, regardless of gender and anatomy. Every single one of them wants to be your friend!