Participate in a totally unique girls night! An alternative to a classic party. It’s a cozy get-together and a practical education that will complement your knowledge about adult toys. Education that creates excitement, our consultants explain WHY it’s important to use quality toys and HOW to improve sex into most enjoyable to both parties. We bring you out of the routine and arouse new fantasies. All the products are possible to see and feel on the site and gels etc. can be tested on your own skin.

For whom?

Mainly women who are looking for something educative and as entertaining as alternatives.

Girls Night package includes:

  1. Welcoming drinks and fresh fruits.
  2. 2. Gifts to every participant
  3. Gift from bridesmaides for the bride
  4. Chance to take part of prize game and win Pocket Tickler
  5. 10% coupons which can be used at our webshop
  6. Getting familiar with adult toys that can be felt and test: gels, lubricants, special condoms, massage products, body safe silicone products etc.

The bride can spend time full of excitement with her best friends. In addition there is a gift to the bridesmaid from You, which was chosen from previously agreed package. Read more about gift options below.

It’s also possible to arrange girls night at our rooms at Paneeli 2B, Tallinn. Big and spacious kitchen area, porch and showroom will be at your disposal, fits up to 12 people. Instructors can also come to at your requested address. Write us and we will find the perfect solution!

Which gift packages we offer?

  1. Touch of an Angel – package includes girls night and a gift for the bride (YESforLOV Delicious Pearly Powder with Icing Sugar flavor, Teasing Feather) – 279€

  2. Bedroom’s Secret – package includes girls night and a gift for the bride (Je Joue Mimi and YESforLOV LOVE BOX) – 339€

  3. Sinful Thoughts – package includes girls night and a gift for the bride (Je Joue FiFi, Viamax Water Glide and YESforLOV massage oil) – 399€

How to order?

In order to book the girls night, please contact us via e-mail or by phone, whereas the details of the event will be agreed upon.

Event is confirmed when 10% prepayment of the overall cost has been made. If the payment has not been paid 5 days before the event we will cancel the reservation and prepayment will not be refunded. You can pay by bank or by PayPal.

If you have any questions write us to or call us to +372 6030 030 / +372 5390 8745