Female condoms – take control into your own hands

What are female condoms?

Female condoms, or internal condoms, are condoms used by someone with a vagina (But they are absolutely amazing for anal sex too! Follow the same safety and usage guidelines). Unlike regular condoms which go on the penis, these condoms are inserted straight into the vagina. This helps to prevent pregnancies by 95% when used correctly, plus keeps away any STIs, including HIV. 

Their designs vary, from simple two-ring systems to panty designs (like the Loovara condoms!). Most commonly they’re made of polyurethane, which means they’re latex-free and hypoallergenic. Compatible with both penises and sex toys, female condoms offer you peace of mind whatever you’re up to.

Hand holding a female condom in front of a purple background

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How do I use one?

Internal condoms typically consist of 2 flexible rings, which connect to both ends of the condom. It needs to be inserted before the penis enters the vagina to fully be protected. Yes, semen can leak even before the final ejaculation, so don’t wait until then. Internal condoms can be insterted up to 8 hours before you have sex.

  • Carefully open the packet, without tearing the condom. 
  • Locate the smaller, closed end of the condom, and squeeze the ring there. Insert it into the vagina.
  • Make sure the other end covers the vaginal opening fully.
  • Add your lubricant and enjoy
  • After sex, remove the condom immediately. Twisting the bigger ring helps to prevent any semen from leaking out. 
  • Internal condoms are single-use items. Throw it into the bin after use.
Three panel illustrated instructions for inserting female condoms

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How to use the Loovara Female condom?

Loovara has made using the internal condom even more easier than before. The soft air bubble helps the condom from going too deep (and acts like a nice little cushion!)

  • Open the packet carefully.
  • Put on the panty like you normally would, with the bubble facing you
  • Locate the air bubble and push it inside the vagina.
  • Using two fingers, unfurl the condom
  • Enjoy as you like
  • Dispose after use
Female hand holding up half of a grapefruit with a female condom covering it

Why should I choose internal condoms?

You don’t need a special reason to try them out. Some people prefer them over regular condoms just because! They are more expensive than male condoms, but here are some reasons people choose to go for internal condoms:

  • It gives them control over the situation. You can’t remove an internal condom without your partner knowing, and it can’t slip off like the male condom. This offers an extra sense of security for both partners.
  • Erection is not needed! Male condoms are only safe when put on and used with an erect penis. The internal condom however isn’t going anywhere if the penis loses its erection. 
  • Plus, you can enter the condom up to 8 hours before sex. No need to pause the moment for searching and putting on the condom, just get going.
  • Unlike the male condom, one-size-fits-all really is true in this situation. The flexible rings adapt to your body, so no need to measure and seek out the right size for you. 
  • More room for the penis, as the condom doesn’t squeeze around it. No restrictions, no dulling sensations, just pure feelings.
  • Can be used during menstruation without worry
Purple box of Loovara brand Female Condoms, with one condom placed over the box.

What to keep in mind?

When used correctly, there’s not much that can go wrong. The failure rate is around 5%*, while male condoms have a failure rate of 2%. Just be sure that:

  • The penis goes inside the condom, not between the condom and the vagina
  • It’s not broken or torn
  • The expiration date isn’t past
  • Put it on before sex

*Data from

Think you’d be interested in trying one?

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