Everything you need to know about oral condoms, dams, and flavored lubes

Everything you need to know about oral condoms, dams, and flavored lubes - Lust and Love

Oral sex is amazing for many people and yet it’s often overlooked. While some might consider it only as foreplay, it’s really not – giving or receiving oral from your partner is a sexual act by itself. In this article, we will explore the amazing products that are flavored condoms, lubes, sheets, and even massage oil. For an added bonus, find a promo code to receive 10% off all of these products in our store.

Based on recent surveys, only 18% of people use protection during oral sex. You should always keep in mind that unprotected oral sex can still lead to STIs in the mouth or throat area, including gonorrhea and syphilis. Unless you’re both tested and safe, it’s better to rubber up! Plus using protection is also a great way to add a barrier between you and your partner in case you’re worried about hygiene. To help make staying safe more fun, we offer some awesome products for you to check out. 

Egzo Flavored Oral Condoms

Egzo oral condoms both taste and smell amazing. Offering lollipop-inspired tastes such as Peach, Blackberry, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Ice Cream, these condoms will definitely be a pleasure to use. Flavored condoms are also popular amongst people who enjoy oral sex, but might be put off by the smell of the genital area. Egzo condoms are also safe to be used vaginally, making them a nice add-on for some foreplay before intercourse.

Glyde Oral Sex Sheets/Dams

Oral sheets, or dams, seem to be one of the most overlooked products on the market. Dams are silky thin latex sheets used during oral to protect both partners. They’re so thin you can feel just about anything going on, whilst being protected from any unpleasant surprises. For added pleasure, add a few drops of lube on the other side. Just cover the desired area, like the vulva or anus, and use your mouth to pleasure your partner. It’s that simple and easy, yet many people disregard them when looking for protection. Glyde Oral Sheets come in 4 different flavors – vanilla, strawberry, wildberry, and cola. In each box, you will find three sheets ready for action.

Egzo Oral Lubricant

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you’ve probably noticed that we talk about this lube quite a lot – and for a good reason! Egzo flavored lube comes in 8 different flavors, including Ice Cream, Orange, Mango, Apple Cinnamon, Banana, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Chocolate – and let me tell you, they taste amazing. You won’t taste any chemical aftertaste or strange flavors usually found in flavored lubes. Perfect for a sweet date!

YESforLOV flavored massage oils

Get yourself and your partner in the mood with a nice massage using YESforLOV-s flavored massage oils.

For those looking for a sweet experience, we suggest the 3-in-1 peach-apricot flavor. This sweet scent just invites you in to kiss your partner, leaving you both wanting for something more.

This delicious Pineapple-Green Tea Allover Massage Gel is an exquisite fragrance that caresses your skin, leaving it silky soft. Use it all over for a gentle touch until you’re ready to devour your partner.

The Délice Deluxe Flavored Massage Oil box comes with everything you need for some groundbreaking lovemaking. Each box comes with flavored massage oil and a packet of popping candy, giving you all the equipment for some sweet summer romance. Available in flavors such as Cotton Candy, Happy Vanilla, Crazy Strawberry, Sunny Summer Fruits, and Juicy Red Fruits.

YESforLOV Delicious Brush

Applying massage oil has never been this gentle. In this box, you’ll find flavored massage oil equipped with a soft brush, and a packet of popping candy. Use the brush to apply massage oil to your partner’s most erogenous zones, before licking it all off again. Available in 4 delicious flavors – Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Red Fruits, and Apple-Raspberry.

Found something interesting?

All of the mentioned products are available in our store. For a sweet surprise, use the code SWEET for 10% off any full-priced items. The coupon doesn’t apply to discounted items or work with other coupons. We hope you all found something new to try and make oral sex more fun for everyone.