Don’t know what to put into a gift basket? Our Custom Kits are built for you, on your budget

You have a budget for that perfect gift, but just don’t know what to choose? Want to put together a fun “Just married” wedding gift package, but there are too many options? We’re here to help with that. We offer Custom Kits built just for you, on your budget, for whatever event you may need it for. Get into contact with us at and let us help you plan the perfect package. Some of our previous kits include:

BDSM kit – budget of 150€

Included in the kit were:

BDSM Cotton Rope 20 Meters

Kiotos Steel Pinwheel Triple

Blindfold Deluxe Eyemask Kiotos Leather

Kiotos Leather Soft Whip

Silicone Sex Paddle

For a budget of 150€, we put together this BDSM kit that included everything needed for a beginner enthusiast. This kit contained rope, pinwheel, eyemask, whip, and a paddle. Perfect for that kink-ist in your life!

This kit was a perfect present for a soon-to-be bride. It included everything a young couple may need to turn their honeymoon into a spicy adventure.

So if you need something to put into a gift basket, but aren’t sure what would make the perfect gift, contact us now at

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